The Past, The Present, The Future?

Yes, yes I know, you’re thinking I’m quite terrible at keeping up to date, aren’t you? You know, it isn’t my fault that it’s been so long. After my Introduction, life got … I’m not sure hectic is quite the right word for it. Depressing? Disheartening? Discombobulating? All of the above, more like. Anyway, let me catch you up on all of the years you’ve missed.

When I was younger, I lived with my sick, frail, and it appears dying mother, and her husband, my stepfather, otherwise known as Sir. Life was fairly normal for me, if you take into consideration that my life wasn’t what you would call normal. Sir made the little nine year old his slave.

I mopped up puddles when the roof leaked after rain.

I made my mothers baths, not that that actually affected me in any way, because I loved my Mother, and would do anything for her. Even put up with Sir and his creepiness.

He even made me make food. I wasn’t allowed to make proper meals, though. The only time I could cook was on the easy bake oven that my mother had bought for me just before Sir came into our lives.

When mum was having her bad days it was the only thing she would eat.


As I was growing up, I noticed that Sir was out at odd hours, and sometimes when I was running late to school, and had to ride my bike over there, I’d seen him running and skulking in hedges and gardens, like he was trying not to be seen. Not that I fully understood who he was, or what he was then. I just thought he was some kind of strange, mean man.

Mother stayed home at all hours, and never left the house, getting skinnier and skinnier. She slept for most of the day, and if she wasn’t sleeping it was relaxing in the bath, or painting. The only things we ever splurged on were for her. They got a comfortable bed, while I got stuck with an old, rusted bed. Sir bought bubble bath for her, and an Easel that she just loved. I had no idea where he was getting these nice things, considering he never really seemed to work. I didn’t complain, though. Complaining upset my mother, and made Sir yell.

My school grades were never very good, despite my trying. It wasn’t that I wasn’t smart, it was just that I’d get sidetracked at home, looking after mum, keeping the house clean and getting locked out of the house whenever Sir felt the need. I had hoped to get on the honor roll before going to High School, but it never happened.

I’d just hit high school, when it happened. When my mother died, of that disease called Multiple Myeloma. You would think that after so many years being treated, that she’d have beat it, right? Nope. It just kept coming back, and the last time it won. Thirteen years old and I was technically an orphan. It wasn’t the best year of my life, let me tell you. The house we lived in went to Sir, as well as any money we had. He still made me make dinners, clean the house, and look after everything. As though I was his little maid or something.

This is me now. I’ve just turned seventeen, and my life is a shambles, moreso than when my mother was alive. You see, once I’d developed into a little woman, Sir added some more chores for me to do.
And, well … I’ve just discovered quite a nasty surprise..


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by nadzicle on May 8, 2011 at 12:11 pm

    I’m sorry for the ‘not quite chapters’, I just thought it made things a little different. That and I’m fairly certain my kids teething and she’s been overly clingy the last few days. I’ve played maybe a total of an hour or two this weekend?

    I’m also sorry for the cruddiness, and the inexperience of my pictures. I promise to improve! PROMISE! xD

    That would be all.


  2. Wow, brilliant! Can’t wait to see where you’re headed with this!! So sad about her mother 😦 I hope she escapes from “Sir” soon(: x


    • Posted by nadzicle on May 8, 2011 at 11:10 pm

      Sir’s name is Yugo, but I’m not entirely certain that Linn knows that, lol. Thanks, though! I’ve got it partially planned in my head and then the rest of it is all jumbled and whatever happens in the game, haha.


  3. What a nasty man. >8U


  4. Awww, I feared something like this! Poor Linn. Make a break for it!


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