It’s a hard knock life

A sigh slipped through my lips as I reluctantly climbed from my warm, comfortable bed. A glance at the clock told me I had precisely twenty minutes to shower, eat, get dressed and pray that Mulberry didn’t wake up in the middle of me hurrying to do these things.

Yugo had been on the run from the police for nearly a year now. I don’t know how it was  they hadn’t gotten him yet, although I had heard whispers that he’d gone underground, with these so-called vampires. Personally, I think he just skipped towns, but you never know. Still, the rumour about vampires made me chuckle. It had been pretty hard for us since he’d left. Not that I wanted him back, I’d rather be struggling then have him back in our lives. It’s just that I had to pay the bills, and we had to get a babysitter for Mulberry while I was at school. I couldn’t get a job, because then I would get absolutely no time with my son.

Instead, I picked up my mothers old paintbrushes, and started to paint. The paintings never really sold for much, I didn’t have my mothers talent, but we managed. We’d also had to sell our washer and dryer, which forced me to make trips to the laundromat on weekends, as well as a dollhouse I’d bought for Mulberry. Oh, and the bed that I had once slept in, not that I missed that at all.

So the house had gotten pretty sparse over the past year, but like I said, I’d rather be struggling than having to live with him. I hopped out of the shower and realised I didn’t have time to cook anything up, so I poured cereal and milk into a bowl and shovelled it into my mouth. I could hear Mulberry in our bedroom, snuffling and moving around, but I didn’t have time to settle him, instead I let him slowly wake up on his own.

Thankfully, just as the first piercing scream reverberated around the room, Davis – our babysitter, showed up and gave me a quick smile before giving Mulberry the cuddle he wanted. He was a great babysitter. I ran out to the footpath just in time to catch the bus. The day dragged by slowly. I’d done my homework the night before, and today was just doing revision from exam week. My foot kept tapping against the desk, as I watched the clock slowly make it’s way towards two. Today was Mulberry’s first birthday. He was going to be one. It was unbelievable, and I didn’t want to miss it for the world. Finally, the bell rang to signify the end of the school day, and I was one of the first on the bus, waiting impatiently for the driver to go. It seemed to take forever to get home, but get home I did, and I raced through the front door, calling out, “Davis? Mulberry? Where are you two?” The bedroom door opened and out walked Davis … With a toddler.

(CAS shot, just so you can see him properly. =] )

Devastation ran through me for a second until he reached his arms out to me, cooing and giggling.

Immediately I scooped him up, and cuddled him, feeling my heart expand with all the love in the world.

Davis left silently, knowing that I’d pay the next morning. For now, I needed time with my gorgeous, mini-me toddler. Knowing that tomorrow was Saturday, I didn’t bother with my homework.

Mulberry and I sat on the floor, and I attempted to teach him to talk. Most of it was giggles, but I wasn’t really expecting much from him.

Next, we tried the potty. I wanted him to get a headstart on learning things, since I had a few years until he was at school, and since I wasn’t around all the time, I wanted to get in there and prove to the town that just because I was a teen mum, that didn’t make me a BAD mum.

The entire weekend was devoted to teaching him to eat by himself, teaching him to go on the potty (he mostly just sat there and babbled), and playing with his toys.

It was Sunday afternoon, when my cell phone rang. That was strange. No one ever called me, unless it was telemarketers, and they couldn’t call anymore since I’d gotten my number unlisted. Mulberry was sitting in his high chair, and I walked a few steps away before answering my phone.

“H-Hello?” My voice stuttered.

“Hello, Linnea. How is my son?”


7 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by nadzicle on May 25, 2011 at 10:28 am

    Apparently I missed out on the -GASP- shot of her on the phone, oh well!
    Isn’t Mulberry just gorgeous? Spitting image of his mum, except of course, that he’s male.
    Mau, I added in the shark photo, just for you. =P

    It isn’t as good as the original, but I pushed myself to write it, and post the darn thing. Shens birthday was this week, as well as her having a cold, so it was bits written when I could. Sorry. =]


  2. Aww Mulberry is ADORABLE!
    And oh jeeez why is he calling!?
    Can I make a teeny suggestion? – try and put the walls up when you take pictures. Then we don’t get “nice” views of that really dirty toilet and such ;D x


  3. Posted by nadzicle on May 26, 2011 at 9:28 pm

    Haha, I was hoping teribly that noone would see that. I usually have the walls up, so I dont know why I didn’t that time. Ah well.


  4. Posted by nadzicle on May 28, 2011 at 12:01 pm

    I just realised it was in TWO of the last pictures. Bad Nadia, bad! I’m usually so on my game with perfecting … Who’m I kidding, haha. I never get pictures right. Not for lack of trying, though!

    (I’m bored. Shhhhh.)


  5. Oh no! Now that father shows up?!! Idiot!
    Am itching to know what will come of this…
    and Mulberry is a cutie pie!


  6. She should have changed her number! But I guess then he might just show up. :/ Stay away, jerkface!


  7. -Gasp-! o.o Why is he calling her Dx!????????????


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