This Movie is Broken

“You don’t have a son, Yugo, so I really don’t know why you’re calling me.” I replied, glad he wasn’t here to see how shaken I was. Why is he calling? Why now? And what the hell does he want? My mind raced with thoughts, so much so I almost missed his reply snaking down the phones receiver and into my ear, “I have a son, we have a son. And even though the authorities are trying to put me behind bars, I will come for him one day, and introduce him into my world.”

I paused for a second, and reacted as if he were here with me by putting on a thinking expression, “Erm.. Let me think about that.. No. He doesn’t look like you, doesn’t act like you, and will never be like you, Yugo. And the police will catch you before you ever get a chance to see him, except maybe in court.” Ironically enough, I could actually hear police sirens. Was my mind playing a joke on me, or could I really hear sirens? Pausing for a second, I realised that the sirens were coming from through the phone. Huh. The Police must have tapped my phone, hoping  Sir (/sneer) would call. Lucky for them, lucky for me, unlucky for Yugo.

I pressed the end button on the phone and put it back in my pocket. “Mummeeeeeeee!” My little boy flailed at me, his voice screeching the air.

A small smile crept across my face and soon, the phone call was forgotten, replaced with tickles and happy little baby squeals.

The next few months seemed more difficult than usual. Mulberry was beginning to act like a fully fledged toddler, taking off his nappy and running around naked, refusing to use the potty, and learning his new favourite word “no.” That combined with my last year at school, trying to get on the honor roll, scrounging up money to pay for the babysitter as well as school fees and bills, and having everything break but not having money to pay for a repairman.

I was constantly unclogging the toilet because my little mischief maker insisted on putting his nappies down there, and then putting numerous other objects on top, his favourites being my homework and his toy shark.

If it wasn’t the toilet, it was the sink.

If it wasn’t the sink, it was the shower. I became quite the handy woman around the house in those few months.

While I was at school, Davis tried his best to help my little devil learn things, like the xylophone.

He even brought over his old blocks set, to teach him his colours and help him figure out which shaped block went where. I don’t know what I’d have done without him. Although, we rarely spoke. He came as I was leaving for school, and had to leave as soon as I got  back. Something about night school.

I have to admit, life really wasn’t all that exciting. We rushed through Mulberry’s second birthday, and time just seemed to fly by. Yugo never even came into my mind, except for one time, when the police called me to tell me he was in a maximum security jail. It was like weight had been lifted from my shoulders.
We no longer had to live in fear. And you know what that meant? Mummy could get try to get herself a life!


6 responses to this post.

  1. haah I love that he stuffs things down the dunnie!!! Especially the shark.. but well the kid has logic
    shark is fish, fish likes water, water in toilet 🙂

    loved it.


  2. Yay for getting a life!! She’s been under pressure for too long now x


  3. Yay for new chapter. I’m so glad that she tells Yugo off. He shall never gets his hand on Mulberry! I can tell you use some real life stories from your daughter in this, right? Does your daughter stuff sharks down the toilet?? =)


  4. Posted by nadzicle on June 6, 2011 at 8:57 am

    Haha, no, she doesn’t, thank god. She doesn’t own a shark for one thing, and she’s only one, so she doesn’t walk or run yet, so I get her before she gets near the toilet. xD I’ll let you know if she ever puts anything in the toilet. So far it’s just throwing thing off of the bed and out of the playpen.


  5. I’m happy she told Yugo off!


  6. YEAH, Yugo’s in jail! This is good news. I wonder if she and Davis will ever talk more… *eyebrow waggle*


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