Put another candle on my birthday cake

A/N: Okay guys, just a heads up. I’m going to try something different with this chapter, which is just switching to third person. I feel like I’m not doing it right in first person, so I’ll need your opinion at the end of the chapter to tell me which way is better. Okay? Thanks! Also, some of the pictures are crappy, I’ve learned better since taking them, thankfully.

Where did the last few Sim-Years of my life go? Linn wondered as she reached for Mulberry, helping him out of his cot. Today was a big day for the both of them. It seemed that it was both of their birthdays today, so Linn had bought them a cake (she couldn’t afford two, besides, who would eat all of it?). Part of her was sad because the only person she could think of to invite over was Davis, but he was busy babysitting for the Cheesecake family on the other side of town. So on one of the most important days of Linn’s life so far, it was just her and Mulberry. It seemed to be a recurring theme.
Now that Berry had had his nap, it was time to blow out his candles. She’d placed the cake out on the kitchen counter, but now she realised it probably would have  been better on the table. Oh well, she’ll move it when it was her turn to blow out the candles. “Now, Berry, you have to think of a wish before blowing out the candles. Close your eyes and wish for something you really want!”

Linn closed her eyes and thought of something she would wish for when she blew out her candles, which wasn’t much, just some friends for herself and her son. They leaned into the candles, and Linn showed her son how to blow out the candles by gently blowing air.

He followed her lead and blew out the candles, which was probably more to him drooling all over the cake than anything else.

She set him down on the ground and watched in suspense as the sparkles spun around him, faster and faster. If she blinked, she would miss the all important aging up! Sadly, she did blink and suddenly a little boy was standing in front of her, almost a mirror of herself, except that his skintone was a little duskier, the only sign of his father.

Immediately he rushed off to the bathroom to check his appearance, and she heard from behind the door, “Oh, cool! Purple eyes!” A smile teased up the corners of her mouth. “Mulberry, it’s my turn, come out here and pretend you care!” The door opened and out he came, cheeky smile and all. Oh boy, was he going to be a trouble maker, she could see it now.

While Berry was cheering and chanting “Happy Birthday” in the background, Linnea leaned over the cake, made her wish and blew out the candles. The sparkles enveloped her and when she opened her eyes, she could feel there was a difference.

Immediately, she checked herself in the mirror. “Holy cow, do I look grown up, or what?” After that, she went straight to the dresser and changed into the new outfit she’d bought from the secondhand store in town, as a birthday present to herself.

And she looked gooooooood, if she did say so herself. Mulberry had distracted himself with gorging himself on birthday cake, while Linn decided that now that he could goto school, she could get a job.

Picking up the newspaper from outside, she sat down at the dining table and pulled it open, looking for something that she was both good at and would make her lots of money. After all, she hadn’t forgotten her dream of making it rich!

After perusing the paper for ten minutes or so, slowly going through the adverts for jobs (waitress? berry, no! delivery driver? don’t have a car, even if I did.. no. CLEANER? Just. No! Ugh!) her eyes eventually found what she was looking for. A job in the culinary career. She could already picture herself as hotter, younger version of Nutella Lawson on television, doing cooking shows and making wads of simoleons. Quick as a flash, she was on her feet, and told her son that she was going to go get herself a job. He nodded along, all the while his eyes were glued to the television screen, eating his cake. Shaking her head slightly, amused, Linn raced out of the door, and down town.

She was going to get that job, no matter what.




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  1. Mully looks cute… yes I a, going to call him Mully mwahahaha:P But WOW just WOW Lyn looks amazing as YA.
    Davis is gonna be thinking it’s his birthday when he sees her ;). I had to laugh at Nutella Lawson I recognize the lat name but don’t know the first name of the real person you parodied just there. Was really clever!


    • Posted by nadzicle on June 22, 2011 at 4:53 am

      You commented before I got to! Wa! Haha. Fine, call him Mully. I’ll have someone else nickname him that. xD
      I’m not even sure Davis will see her again, unless she needs him to babysit for her! Although if they have a party or something, I’m sure he’ll be invited.
      Nutella Lawson is Nigella Lawson, the British cook. She’s quite yummy herself, if I may say so. … And I love Nutella. Nom. Hahaha.


  2. Posted by nadzicle on June 22, 2011 at 4:50 am

    Excuse if there are some stuff ups view-wise. Despite the fact that I rarely write in first person, for some reason after doing a few chapters in f/p view, it seems to have become a habit. Let me know if I’ve written “I blah blah” somewhere and I’ll change it.

    And I only just noticed my poll has skulls on it. o.O I’m amused.

    Shall be fun for me once I finally get to play these guys again, since I haven’t touched them since just before Generations came out. Meep.


  3. Maybe you could combine the two… third and first narrative when appropriate. Mulberry is cute. ‘Sir” really just needs to stay away from Linn’s son. She aged up nicely as well. Love her outfit… she kinda remind me of a space vixen. XD
    Big LOL at “Mulberry, come here and pretend you care”… ah she sounds like a true mom, doesn’t she?


    • Oh sorry, I thought I’d added you to my blogroll already. Will do so now.


      • Posted by nadzicle on June 22, 2011 at 8:12 am

        I’m added to a blog roll! Yay! Haha.
        Sir is probably never coming back, although I’ll admit that I can’t control him, so if he calls or visits, I can’t do much about it. But he’s supposed to be in jail.. I need a better computer so I can add more stuff to my game without it lagging, then I can have a pretend jail or courthouse or doctors or whatever. Ah well.

        I’m not sure I’d be able to switch one to the other, unfortunately. Thanks for the input on it, though. I’ll have to attempt that when I write the next chapter. I do love those two, and I’m so glad they’ve both aged up so they can BOTH have a life outside of the house. Yay!

  4. Posted by nahshona on June 22, 2011 at 7:12 pm

    I know I’m a new commenter, but I think that third person is better. It’s not that you’re not good in first person, I think that third person the best fit. The story flows easier. I’ve read that first person is the hardest viewpoint to write. I have trouble writing in first person myself.

    Anyways, I love your legacy. I was hooked the moment I read the first chapter and I actually related to Linn during the death of her mother. My grandma died of multiple mylomea. It’s such a rare disease, not many people know about it.

    Sad stuff aside, I’m glad Linn is getting back on track with her life. It couldn’t have been easy living the life she lived, but she is finally able to move on. I hope Sir stays locked up for a long, long time. And Mulberry is so cute! He’s going to be quite the heartbreaker when he grows up!


    • Posted by nadzicle on June 22, 2011 at 8:04 pm

      New reader, new reader! Yay! I’m grateful for your input. I honestly think that I’ll end up writing in third person as it’s easier for me, but I thought I’d let my few readers have a say, since they had to put up with it. Lol. I think my writing in first person is more stilted because I’m not used to writing in that way.
      I’m so glad you like my legacy! It’s not that great compared to others that I read but I do try. The fact that they look gorgeous helps as well. Haha.
      Aw, sad. I don’t actually know anyone who has had multiple myeloma, I probably heard of it from House or something, but I did look it up to research it. I’d planned on concentrating on the relationship between the two girls but for some reason that didn’t happen. That must have been hard for you, with your grandmother. =\
      I’m honestly afraid of what Mulberry will turn out like when he’s older! I mean, he’s never met Yugo, nor had any influence from him to be that way inclined. I’m more concerned about whether he really will turn into a little heartbreaker, or whatever will happen. Can’t wait until he’s a teen, though. Prom! Yay!


  5. Okay firstly POV thingss. I love writing in first person, but part of that love is due to the fact that I have to challenge myself with depicting people’s characters in a different form other than saying “John was a bad man, Kate did not like John” blablabla ^_^ but tbh, your 3rd person narrative manages to avoid the slightly jumpy-around-ness that some achieve, and I think it flows more, so I vote 3rd person xD
    And I loved the update!! Mulberry makes me laugh 🙂 (though not as much as Nutella Lawson, that was brilliant!!! Oh Nigellaa ^_^) I hope Linn gets her wish and they make some friends ❤ x


  6. I liked both your first person writing and your third person writing…and I see you’ve already moved on to other chapters and I’m sure have already made your decision. 😀

    I love the banter between Linn and Mullberry, you can tell they’re close. Which is fitting since they’re all they have.


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