Sorry for not updating guys.

Daughter is teething, and real life is just demanding my attention. I have started the next chapter, but my game kept glitching up so I have to try and get more pictures to go with the chapters.

To compensate for the delay (not that it’s much of a compensation), I’ll put up a picture that can’t be used in the story. You’ll see why when you actually look at it. Haha.

Linn, a vampire and a mummy? Oh my! It’s not such a small town after all.

I’ll try and get a chapter out in the next few days, otherwise I have to use pictures that have Linn in clothes that are the same but different colours, because of the game glitching. ><



UPDATE: I’m using the stupid pictures that have her in different coloured clothes. Sigh. My game is still being glitchy and I do want the chapter done. I’ve probably pissed my computer off somehow. She’s a tempermental bitch. (Excuse the language.)


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