How to make friends with a Sim in less than ten days

She did it! She got the job! Linn wanted to jump and squeal her excitement, but as the left the bistro, she noticed people outside, so she opted for stretching her arms out, as though she was saying “Yeaahhh, I’m goooood.” Linn knew it was only a starting job, but it meant she had actual money coming in, so she didn’t have to skrimp on everything. She’d even managed to make some extra money by visiting the consignment store and selling off Berry’s baby toys, and furniture. Which meant one thing: Redecorating the house! She immediately fished her phone out of her bag and called information.

After she’d organised getting the house ‘prettified’, she paused. What now? Linn wasn’t used to having freedom of any kind. She wasn’t hungry, her money was about to be going on refurbishing the house, and there weren’t any decent movies playing at the cinema. So, she decided to walk herself home.

While his mother was away, Mulberry decided to play. The Victorian Bay news had come on, and before Berry had flicked the channel over to find something more interesting, it mentioned that the new kids park across town had finally been completed and was open for recreation. And what better way to make friends than by going to the new park and meeting them! He raced across town to see the park in all it’s shiny new glory. Strangely, instead of children, there were adults milling around the place! Shrugging it off, Berry noticed the ride-on toys and hopped onto the pirate one.

“Arrr! I be the pirate bluebeard and I’m going to steal yer jewels! Arrr!” He yelled, pretending he was chasing another ship, waving his arm around as though branishing a sword. Even though there was no kids, he was having much more fun than if he’d stayed indoors!

Next he ran for the treehouse, ignoring the fact that the sun was slowly sinking in the sky. Despite the fact that there seemed to be no children in the new park, Mulberry was having a lot of fun.

Up in the treehouse he pretended he was still in his ship and he was up in the cockpit, keeping an eye out for land or other ships to attack. “Laaaaand, ho!” He called out, spotting the hopscotch court. This place had everything! Scaling down the pole, he trotted over to the hopscotch court where an adult was already playing.  How odd, I didn’t think adults played with kids toys! Maybe she’ll let me play with her!

He stood next to the court and waited for her to finish her hopping so that he could join in. She smiled to herself while she was hopping, looking rather smug.

On the way back she noticed Mulberry and introduced herself, “I’m Tess Elbow. Did you want to play?” Mulberry jumped a little in excitement, nodding at his new friend, “I’m Mulberry Van Daemon!” Tess didn’t react, so she was either new to town, or she didn’t care that his mother had had him during her teen years.

She got off of the hopscotch court and let him have a go, cheering him on. Mulberry thought she seemed a bit strange, especially with her outfit being so bright, and mismatched. But Tess was being nice and letting him play, so he wasn’t complaining!

At least, he wasn’t complaining. Until he lost. He hung his head down, sad that he’d lost such a simple game, when he realised that the sun had been down for at least an hour now. He’d spent the entire afternoon at the park! Surely Mum would be worried! Waving bye to Tess, he ran home, hoping that he hadn’t missed dinner, because his stomach had started rumbling at the idea of food.

Earlier on in the day, while Mulberry was pretending to be a pirate at the park, Linn was regretting her decision to walk home, as her feet were killing her. Whoever decided that women should wear high heels should be shot, she grumbled to herself, stopping on the footpath for a second to try and relieve some of the ache by lifting one foot up for a second, and then switching to the other. That was when she noticed the moving van outside of a house that had been empty for awhile. The previous owner had gotten too old to live on her own, and her children had taken her off of the Bay to go to an expensive nursing home.  So these two must be the new owners! Linn mused to herself, taking a quick glance at them, still trying to relieve the aching of her poor feet.

The girl looked rather zany, which was new for this town.  She was dressed so brightly that Linn thought that sun might need to get itself sunglasses to protect it’s own eyes. At least someone was adding colour to the area! The man was dressed rather casually, and not as brightly coloured as his .. girlfriend? sister? old school friend? Hrm. Linn decided that she should introduce herself, and welcome them to the neighbourhood.

Before she could get to the girl, she stomped off inside, muttering to herself and apparently to her hand. Oh dear. That couldn’t be a good sign. Shrugging it off, Linn made her way over to the Blue Boy, as she decided to nickname him (until he introduces himself in about 30 seconds or so, anyway). “Hi!”

The Blue Boy jumped and spun around in surprise, “Whoa! Lady! Try not to scare the new guy, or I’ll end up in the cemetary before getting to enjoy my new house!”

Linn laughed a little, and held out her hand, “I’m Linnea Van Daemon, I live a few blocks away. I’ll try not to sneak up on you next time!” The corners of his mouth tilted up a little in amusement as he grasped her hand in his, “And I’m River Vunnown, heart attack survivor.” Linn felt a shock of electricity when they shook hands, but tried to ignore it.  He was rather cute, and despite her feet (which were probably blistered) hurting, she was actually glad she decided to walk home.

“Was  that your girlfriend going into the house? She’s quite vibrant, isn’t she?” Oh god, was she searching for answers already? Weren’t you supposed to talk small talk before delving into the “do you have a girlfriend because I think you’re quite cute” talk. River chuckled, “My girlfriend? I don’t think I’d wish Kirus upon anybody.”

He shook his head, “She’s actually my sister. She’s a bit crazy but I love her for it anyway.” Kirus stuck her head out of the door, “Hey! I heard that!” Linn stifled a giggle at the friendship the two of them seemed to share.

They talked for hours, about god knows what. The town, his their lives, even her son. When she mentioned that she’d called up to get a quote on getting her house redecorated and possibly refurbished, River put his hands up to stop her.

“No, no, I’ll help you fix your house up. My sister actually has a business as an architect so she can help get things cheaply, and I can help put it up. If we do it one room at a time, it’ll be fine. Plus this way, it’ll get done a lot quicker than if you get contractors onto it.”

Realising that the sun was slowly sinking down, Linn said her goodbyes to River, with a promise to call him in the morning, and hobbled home. Thank Berry it was only a few blocks away! She could just tell that this was the beginning of a whole new, wonderful and rich life for her and her son.


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  1. Posted by nadzicle on July 14, 2011 at 3:37 pm

    A/N: I found some older pictures that I was able to use instead of the ones with her change of outfit. Apparently my launcher had a fit and deleted a bunch of things, so Linn’s outfit here is missing and I don’t know where it comes from to get it again, lol. I have the photos for the next chapter, so if real life (and Shen, who may I add is currently trying to climb onto my lap because OH NO, her mother is on the phone) lets me, I can have a new chapter out soon. Was going to do a Pt 1 & 2, since the next chapter will continue on in the vein of this one, but I don’t have it written up so it’ll have to be separate.
    Must dash, child is clawing at my leg. Lol. Hope the chapter was okay.


  2. Oooh, River seems really nice! I can’t wait to read more about him and Kirus!


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