Over the next few months, River and Linn grew closer and closer. It certainly helped that he was over all the time, helping to slowly but surely paint the house and help with moving the furniture into storage and out again. Mulberry was going to school and making friends, and having a blast, and life was completely normal. It was a strange feeling for the household, but a welcome one, and one long overdue.

The first room to be completed was the bathroom. While it was being renovated, the Van Daemons had to hire a portaloo and run over to Rivers to borrow his and Kirus’ shower in the mornings before work or school. They kept the same shower/bath, and replaced the toilet, as well as adding in a washer and dryer so that they wouldn’t have to make weekly trips to the laundromat. Something that Linn would definitely not miss as she usually ended up with a broken machine, or losing too many of her precious coins to a money grubbing dryer. River had also moved the painting that Odelle Van Daemon had painted all those Sim Years ago. The colours all blended nicely together, which was certainly a bonus.

The next room to be done was the lounge/dining/kitchen area. They’d bought all new furnishings and appliances for this area, as it was the room people first walked into, and had to look nice for any guests that may appear. Linn had taken this photo as soon as she and River had finished moving in the last of the stuff, because she knew that the tidiness and the vibrant colours would somehow get ruined. And while the colour would take a long time to fade, Mulberry did wreck one spot in the corner when he came home one day after art class. He’d come running into the house, went to run into the bedroom and fell over his own feet. Of course his painting was still partially wet from class, so it fell down face first. Which is the story of how the vase got its random spot over in the corner.

And last but not least, the bedroom. Β New bed, another painting by Odelle that was found under the old bed, a new dresser (that’s the shiny white blob at the forefront of the picture), and of course, a new floor and new panelling. For the moment, Linn and Mulberry shared the bed until they could afford another one, and find some space for it. Luckily, while River and Linn’s relationship had grown to the point of them cuddling or holding hands, they hadn’t reached the woohoo stage. Something Linn was quite chuffed about, considering she wasn’t overly certain on how she’d go when it did eventually happen, considering the last person she woohoo’ed with.

So, the little shack that Linnea had grown up in had gotten a complete make-over. From drab:

To fab!

The next evening after the bedroom furniture had been brought in, River came over to hang out with Linn, which wasn’t something she was complaining about. Mulberry was over at a friends house, so they had the house to themselves. Of course, there still wasn’t much to do in this shack, but there was a television, a pond, and each other. They were so comfortable with each other now (although they still had no definition on their relationship) that River didn’t even knock when he arrived. “Why hello there, sexy lady sitting all by her lonesome, did you want some company?” Linn giggled and patted the cushion next to her, “Feel free to join me, my good sir!”

River collapsed into the couch with a moan, “Oh, I’m so glad you bought this chair, it’s sooo comfortable. So what are you watching anyway?”

“Nothing interesting, just Cast Away. It’s reruns, though. How was your day?”

“Oh, you know, boring until I got to see your pretty face.” Another giggle escaped Linn’s lips, as she shook her head at him, amused. “You, sir, are a goof ball. Has anyone ever told you?”

“Does you telling me just now count?”

“No, ‘fraid not. Oh, I forgot.. I need to ask you something. What exactly are we, relationship-wise?” Linn wasn’t sure whether she should be asking or not, but it had been awhile since they first met and he’d been coming over constantly, and the flirting was never-ending. She had to know before it drove her insane.

“…What are we? I thought we were dating.. Are we not?” A confused look flashed across Rivers face as he tried to figure out what exactly was going on.

“We’re dating? I thought we were just … flirting or something!”

“LALALALALALA, WE ARE DATING! DAAATTIIIIINNNNG.” River put his fingers in his ears in a childish manner, so that he couldn’t hear what she was saying. Linn smiled at the silliness of his actions, but decided to play along.

“All right, all right! Calm down!” Linn laughed, putting her arm on his back, to quell his loud La’ing. “We’re dating, okay? I mean, I’d have preferred to be asked to be your girlfriend but still, this is good.” River snorted, “So, is this the part where we ‘seal the deal’ with a kiss?” Cocking an eyebrow, Linn considered this, but just as she leaned in to give her new boyfriend a peck, Hurricane Mulberry came rushing through the door, spoiling the moment. So much for romance!


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  1. Posted by nadzicle on July 26, 2011 at 7:53 pm

    A/N: I’m tipsy, tired and sick, so the chapter is short, and certainly not sweet. River and Linn were going around flirting with each other for way too long. My eye had started twitching out of irritation, haha. But this was mainly just a “ZOMG, PRETTY HOUSE” chapter, so I could just shove that out of the way and move on to something.

    Tbqh, I’m actually sick of the family, but that’s only because EA changed the aging, and Mully aged the frick up without me realising, because I ignored my popups, woops. I’ll keep going, though but the chapters are pretty crud quality. Hopefully we can pop out more children and have a Heir! Oh, la. Haha.


  2. Now I’ve read through all the chapters! I quite like what you’ve got going here, but you really need to get your computer to cooperate with you! Have you tried flowers and chocolate? Maybe a nice, hot bath? Wait, no, skip that last thing…

    Anyway, I love your pretty sims and the way you write, keep it up! I’m adding you to my blog (feel free to check it out, by the way)! πŸ˜€



    • …Wordpress put THIS comment in my Spam section, and the other two where they belong. Bad WordPress, bad! Lol. I must have the unlucky trait or something. Bahaha. The computer loves me for the moment, I gave it some new RAM and a new graphics card, so it better love me! -shakes fist-

      I’m going to go check out your legacy and hopefully write another chapter tonight, since I have enough photos (I hope!) to try and patch one together. =] Thanks for reading! I never know how people find my blog as I don’t exactly advertise it, haha.


      • I found yours through the Huckleberry Legacy. I usually go there and pick one at random from the blogroll when I feel like I want to get into a new legacy. πŸ˜€ I only read one at a time, when I’m starting from the beginning. I read through the Dream Legacy over a period of like a month. πŸ˜› But I always keep track of the updates on the Legacies I’m up to date with, so expect comments from me frequently! πŸ˜€

      • I tend to go through one at a time, although there have been some that I’ve been bored with just in the first chapter, and I give up. I really don’t read that many, when you look at other peoples blogrolls. I mean, I’m a SAHM, so I have time on my hands, but not THAT much! XD

        And I love comments, it makes me feel like people are reading it, and they let me know what they think. πŸ˜€

    • Hahaha… one must wonder why there are warning labels on some electronic devices. You know one smartypants must have given their computer a hot bath. LOL


  3. Oh, I forgot, I really like the layout of the blog! Very simple and nice. I really need to give mine a make-over.


  4. I thought it was a sweet chapter. River seems like a good guy for Linn. And blue is the main theme, eh? LOL at Linn sitting there in lingerie.


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