Growing Up

The years seemed to flow by again, too fast for Linn’s liking. River had moved in sometime after the two of them becoming an official ‘item’, not that either had asked about it. They’d just woken up one morning and realised that ‘hey, we’re living together, when did this happen?’ No-one was complaining, except Mulberry, who had started off having to share the room with them, until they could afford to build on an extra room, just for him. Life had been too hectic with Mulberry’s field trips, and after school activities, Linn’s work hours and River having to work different hours, as well as being forced to visit his sister to see how she was doing, for the couple to slow down and think about babies or marriage.. In fact, it was almost too hectic for them to think about woohoo! Nothing out of the ordinary really happened .. Well .. Except for this one time ..

“GRANDMA?!” Mulberry didn’t take too well to a ghost showing up out of nowhere one evening. Especially when Odelle had been gone since a long time before he was born. Linn had seen her once or twice, but they’d never spoken. While Linn loved her mother, corporeal or not, it was hard to get over what had happened before, during and after her death. “What .. What are you doing here?”

Odelle smiled and held her hands up, “Well, it is your birthday tomorrow, isn’t it, Mully?”


“I came to wish you a Happy Birthday! Best birthday present ever, right?”

“..Erm.. Sure..”

Before Odelle could say anymore, Mulberry yawned (Linn was certain it was fake) and ran off to bed, feigning tiredness. Ghosts were a strange lot, to say the least.

The next morning arrived without much fanfare, other than the sun dawning on a clear sky. There were no trumpets, no confetti, nothing at all to represent that this day was Mulberry’s big day. Unless, of course, you noticed that the Van Daemon household were absent from the house, even though it was only just nine a.m. Linnea had decided that for her sons big birthday bash, because they’d actually managed to afford one this time, she wanted a new outfit. So instead of choosing one for herself, she sought the help of a stylist, any stylist. Walking into the salon, she jabbed at the first stylist she saw, “You, pick me an outfit for my sons birthday party.” The stylist (whose name Linn failed to get) picked out some outfits and gave them to Linn to try on.

The first one was an obvious bomb. It looked like she was wearing a nightgown. A nightgown that her grandmother would wear. Linn stared at the lady, completely deadpan, while she waited for her to acknowledge that this was the worst outfit choice, ever. Where did she get her style choices? Yesteryear magazine? Really! Linn was ranting in her head,  Why is she in a chefs outfit? …Oh god, she isn’t even a stylist, is she?! And I’m letting her dress me?! Oh god, oh god, oh god..

The second outfit was nearly as bad as the first. This lady could not be a paid, professional stylist. There was just no way someone would ever wear something like this. Linn shook her head, “No. No, no, no. This is wrong. You know what? Thanks for the effort, but I think I’ll just grab something off of the rack and wear that to the party.” She stood down off of the stylist step, “Anything would be better than those outfits,” Linn muttered, cringing inwardly. Grabbing the first thing she saw that looked okay off of the ‘Sale’ rack, Linn headed home to prepare for the party. After all, she still had a cake to make, and a meal to go along with it! Everyone liked homemade meals.

While Linnea was in the kitchen, cooking up a storm, Mulberry was doing some preparing of his own for the party.

Searching for the long-lost Atlantis. In the bathtub. With Captain Rubber Ducky as his friend along in the underwater adventure.

“Bleep! Bleep! Captain Rubber Ducky, I think I see something! It looks like.. No, it can’t be! It’s Atlantis!”

“Mulberry Dusk Van Daemon, you’ve been in the bathtub for half an hour!” His mothers voice trailed through the door, “The guests will be here any minute, so move your kaboosh, and get dressed!” Mulberry let out the water with a sigh. He’d been so close to seeing the ruins of Atlantis! Next time .. Next time he would see them.

It was a good thing that Mulberry got out of the tub when he did, because the first guest arrived not long after he’d dried off and dressed up, and it was his duty as Host to greet him.

“Hi, Mister Cotton-Candy, thanks for coming to my party!” Linn smiled at her son and his politeness. Oh, what would the next few years bring for her and her only child? The idea of her son growing up made Linn sniffle.

She could still remember when she gave birth to him.

Blowing out the candles on his first birthday cake.

And piggybacking him through the yard, just for fun. A sniff escaped, and Linn shook her head, remembering that it was his day and she couldn’t embarrass him, especially not when there were more people showing up!

Berry had escaped the horde of people gathering in the living area by sneaking into the bedroom to have a pillow fight with one of the neighbours.

“Hey, it’s my birthday! You should let me win!” He squealed, hitting the boy back. Linn peeped in through the doorway to smile at her sons antics. Pretty soon he’d be staying out past curfew, pulling pranks and going to prom. Another sniffle escaped, and she knew if they didn’t do the cake soon, she’d have to hide in the bathroom until she’d finished her happy/sad crying. “Boys, cake time!”

River hadn’t been able to take time off of work to watch Berry blow out the candles, but he knew it didn’t matter that much to the boy, as long as someone was there to celebrate with him. And there were a few people! Wildberry Muffin was there, as well as Fairy Floss, and her partner, Elderberry Brand. The little boy off in the corner, who Linn didn’t know and hadn’t been introduced to. A few of the Cotton-Candy family members were floating around as well, and they were all singing Happy Birthday to Mulberry, and cheering him on. “Make a wish, make a wish!”

So he took a gulp of air, thought hard and blew out his candles! For a second there, Linn thought that he’d blown so hard, he would set the table on fire! Which would be bad, especially as it would have wasted the cake, and she’d spent an hour on just icing it!

The sparkles engulfed Mulberry once more, and once they’d disappeared, in her little boys place was ..

.. A teenager! Who was in desperate need of a wardrobe change and some hair gel. Both of which he went to fix immediately, as he couldn’t look dopey in front of his guests.

(CAS Shot, for those curious!)


While Berry raced off to fix his clothes, Linn, Fairy and the other guests helped themselves to some delicious triple-layered cake, and talking amongst themselves.

And that was when Linnea felt something .. strange going on in her stomach. It was as thought her tummy had the hiccups.. 

Oh dear.


8 responses to this post.

  1. “Oh dear?” Oh yay! Baby time! *does hammertime dance*

    Loved the chapter, short and sweet. And is it just me or have you been snapshotting more with “walls up” than before? I like it, anyway, so good job! I hate those frickin walls. Sometimes I forget to put them up before I take a picture and then it’s useless to me. Bah!

    Berry is cute, in a kinda girlish way (it’s the lips I guess?) but I like it! And very nice make-over, that look he was “born” into… Not so nice. 😀


  2. And now I have Hammertime in my head. Haha, thanks ever so much. =P

    I have been snapshotting with the walls up more often, because I kept forgetting to put them up and would get really cranky that I had to use them. Thank god I like to think things out, so I can take photos when I know I want them, although I tend to go “Oh, they’re eating? I’m just going to shift my focus to here, press the tab AND WAIT.” Lol.

    Berry is going to look interesting when he grows up, methinks. He’s such a strange kid, though. You know what I hate? I hate the teen parties, because Twallans Overwatch considers the parents as missing Sims, and so brings them back before time and it’s all stupid. Sigh. Stupid teen party that I’ll never get to use because it failed. Ahhhh well.


    • Oh, is THAT why they come back and get stuck? I just thought it was my game and stopped using it. Well, that’s good to know. No way in hell I’m playing without Twallan’s mods, though.


      • Yeah, I’m assuming it’s Overwatch because it pops up and tells me that it’s found the missing Sims Linn and River, and I’m like “THEY WEREN’T MISSING.” I’m too lazy to see if there’s been an update, though. Or to tell Twallan about it, haha. No way I’m playing without Overwatch or SP. Although atm my game keeps crashing on me, it’s pissing me off. ><

    And Berry is a cute one! Lol personally I found the explorer’s outfit very fetching.. 😉


    • Naw, you’re just in time for the other chapter I put up! xD Muahaha.
      I thought the explorers outfit was nice, but alas, that boy is destined for a life different from fossils and relics.


  4. Ohhh Mulberry gets to have a lil brother or sister… what are you hoping for, boy or girl? I agree with Callie, that explorer outfit suited his Atlantis discover adventure, but then again teenagers change their moods all the time. 🙂


  5. Posted by selahgio on August 17, 2011 at 1:48 pm

    I gracious would you look at Mulberry he’s gonna be breaking hearts isn’t he?! 😀


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