For Better or Worse Pt. 1

“Oh jeeze, this is embarrassing ..” Mulberry ran a hand through his hair, looking uncomfortable. “Mum .. Will you – ” He cringed, “Help me with my homework?” Silence reigned through the house. Well, except for these odd little noises that seemed to be coming from Linn’s tightly shut lips. A few more seconds of uncomfortable silence ensued before Linn let out a tiny giggle. “That’s all? That’s what you wanted?” Another giggle followed the first. And then another, and another, until Linn seemed to be gasping for air, giggling uncontrollably, while Berry slowly looked more and more uncomfortable. “So will you or not?” Cut through the giggling, and Linnea gasped one last time.

Patting him on the shoulder, holding back the giggles again, Linn smiled, “Of course I will! Sit down and show me the work you need help on., and I’ll try as best I can.” A shadow crossed her face for a second, “Unless its mathematics. Maths and I do not get along.” Berry rolled his eyes and sat down on the floor in the living area, “No, it’s not maths, Mum. Just .. .. Ugh.” Linn sat down beside her son, and leaned over for a look at his homework.

That’s your homework?!” Linn smiled, “Okay, english essays I can help you with. What’s it on?” Mulberry hesitated again, which Linn had learned was never a good sign.

“Well .. Uh..” And neither was scratching the side of his head. Oh dear, my son, the goof. Cocking an eyebrow at Mulberry, she waited for his reply, which she knew would happen eventually. She just didn’t have all day to wait for him to build up the courage to tell her. “Son.. Your silence isn’t very reassuring.”

“Well, it’s on To Kill A Mockingbird, by I haven’t read the book, and the essay is due tomorrow. Can you help?” Linn lowered her head a little, looking ever so slightly shamed by her childs actions. Please, Please Maker, let the next one have interests in academics. Ple-e-ee-ase? She sighed before replying, “You really should have read the book. How are you supposed to write an essay if you haven’t read the book? Really, Berry!”

“But Mu-uuu-um!”

“All right, All right, I’m thinking! Oh! Got it. I own the movie around here somewhere, you can watch that instead, since you have so little time to complete the essay.”

“So, where is it?”

“Mulberry Dusk, don’t push your luck. You’ll have to find the dvd, that can be your punishment. Now..” Linn’s stomach flipped over. “Oh god.”

“You’re on your own from here, kid.” Linn stood up and held a hand over her mouth, knowing she was going to throw up. Thank God the bathroom was literally ten steps away! She raced in, and dry retched into the toilet, which had become her best friend during her second pregnancy.

She’d been throwing up constantly, her stomach never wanting to hold food down at all..

On the way home from a birthday party by one of her colleagues..

Out in the garden in the morning, because one of the boys were occupying the bathroom.. Everywhere. She’d had to take maternity leave early as her boss couldn’t risk her throwing up in the restaurants kitchen, or in one of the industrial sinks they had in the back area. Despite the nausea, Linn was enjoying her pregnancy. Telling River had gone a lot smoother than she could have hoped, although that could have been due to the fact that they’d been sitting outside watching the stars, when she’d oh so casually brought it up.

Oh, sweetie, look, it’s a falling star!” Linn pointed up into the sky, in awe. The meteorologist had mentioned that tonight there would be more falling stars than usual, so the two of them had decided to make a mini-date out of it by going into the yard and sitting together. Β It was a gorgeous night, and Linn had decided that morning to tell River of their little peanut. She was excited, nervous and sick all at once.

Look, hon, there’s another one. Make a wish!” River was such a gorgeous man. Linn smiled and knew that this was the time to tell him. “I wiiiish, that our baby will grow up big and strong, just like his papa.” There was a pause. “What about a baby? Linn, Mulberry is a teenager, and well, I’m not his father, and he certainly isn’t my baby.

Linnea grinned at her boyfriend, “No, silly! Our baby! The one that’s growing inside this stomach of mine!” Really! Men could be quite daft sometimes.

Of course, the first thing he did was glance down at her stomach, to see the little bump that was already there, and not even hidden behind baggy clothes. “We’re having a baby?” River gasped, “WE’RE HAVING A BABY!” He whooped as the realisation fully hit home. “Honey, I have to call Kirus, okay? Is that okay?” Linn nodded, and off he went, to tell anyone and everyone about our bun in the oven.

As the pregnancy progressed, Linn and River realised that they would need a new home at some point. A tiny one and a half bedroom place was just not going to cut it anymore. Unfortunately there were no houses on the market at all, one of the down sides to living on a small island, and they couldn’t make the house any bigger as there just wasn’t enough room on the property. There wasn’t really much holding the family to Victorian Bay, but as it was, it was unsafe for Linn to travel, and so they decided to wait until the baby had been born, and they had enough money.

Linn and River both wanted to prepare for the upcoming birth of their first child together, so they pored over books when they were able to. River was taking more shifts at the stadium to help save up for the baby, and Linn was receiving maternity payments from the restaurant, which helped. She’d have taken painting back up but she just didn’t have the energy or the inspiration to paint.

One night, when River was off from work, and Linn was awake, he took her hand and led her outside, to her mothers grave. “What are we doing out here, hun? It’s cold.”

“Uh-Uh-Uh, no complaining from you, miss! Besides, I wanted to do this outside, so that your mother could witness this.” Linn’s mind went into overdrive. So her mother could see what exactly?

River went down on one knee. Linn almost had a heart attack as her brain stopped functioning. He couldn’t be .. Could he? He was!

He pulled a velvety box out from his pocket, and Linn tried not to giggle as he fumbled with it for a moment, before he opened it and held it out to her. “Linnea Rose Van Daemon. Before I moved here, I hadn’t met any girl, or woman, who held my interest. I rarely dated, and my heart was never in it when I did. And then, on the first day I move to Victorian Bay, I meet you. This beautiful, vibrant lady, walking around town in heeled boots, trying to pretend as though it didn’t hurt. From the first moment when you nearly gave me a heart attack, I knew you were the woman that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. And now, with our child growing inside of you, I know that this is the right moment to ask. Will you marry me?”

“Of course I will! Oh my god, River Vunnown, I love you!”

I could barely keep still as he took my hand and slid the engagement ring on my finger.

It was a gorgeous ring, but I was so glad once he’d put it on, because it meant I could do …



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  1. Linn is so cute β™₯ I love the flying hug^^
    and LOL at Berry, that homework situation sounds verrrry familiar :L


    • Teehee. I loved the after photo, River has kind of an “oof!” expression!
      I’ve never had that problem with homework. =P I especially loved the assignments where we got to read a book, it gave me more of a reason to read. And I loooove To Kill a Mockingbird. Movie and book. Gregory Peck, oh my! -swoon-


  2. Wow, you’re updating like a crazy person! Loving it! πŸ™‚ I actually didn’t see this episode until now, I guess I missed the “part 2” part of the one that I read yesterday. Silly me!


  3. Yay for some tackle hugs! Oh dear did Mulberry roll the absent minded trait? My favorite part was when Linn prayed for her baby to be interested in school. πŸ™‚


  4. Yay for tackle hugs! πŸ˜€


  5. Yay the beautiful Linn is engaged!!


  6. Posted by selahgio on August 17, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    Amazing ! ^_^


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