For Better or Worse Pt. 2

Oh god, I can’t do this. No! You can do this! You love your soon to be husband, and you WILL waddle up those steps to him! Because if you don’t, so help me God, Linn, we will give birth to demon spawn. Oh god, I’m arguing with myself! STOP IT! Linn was standing in the bedroom, fretting and worrying. Today was the day. THE day. At the end of today, she and River would be married, and he would take on the Van Daemon name. I feel sick.

Of course, Mulberry being the delightful teenager that he was, had decided to lighten the nervous tension in the household by pulling a prank on his soon-to-be stepfather.

It was most definitely not appreciated. “What have you done?!” River howled from the bathroom, much to Mulberry’s amusement, and he jumped back into the shower to scrub the colour out of his hair. Although, in Linn’s opinion, it was quite a fluro-tastic colour, one that fit in well with this household. Although, not so much for the wedding that was happening in an hour or so.

It was being held at the only park in the entire town, and it didn’t even cost much to hire out. Although they didn’t go with exclusive access, considering there was bound to be people they didn’t invite wanting to show up, and that way the people who were invited could be guests! The dress cost next to nothing, as Linn was getting too big for the wedding dresses they had available, and she’d developed a rash when trying on non-organic material, so in the end she bought a green copy of her everyday dress.

As the guests started showing up, Pluto nudged his/her mother, letting her know that they would be present for the ceremony. Linn rubbed her belly, feeling rather content now that the time was properly upon her.  “I’m glad you’re here in one way, Pluto, even if you aren’t earth side yet.” She whispered to her stomach, smiling. Looking up, she noticed River motioning for her. It was time to exchange vows and rings. “Here we gooo” she muttered to herself.

“Linnea, I have loved you from the moment I saw you, and I will cherish you, and worship you every day for the rest of our lives. You make me complete, and I’m grateful you are mine.” River’s vows were short and sweet because they knew he’d already said his big speech when he proposed. Linn, on the other hand, had prepared a reply.

“River Musk Vunnown. You are my heart, my life, and my other half. Since the day that we met, I’ve only had eyes for you. You accepted my son and I as though there was nothing strange about our history, you welcomed us into your heart and your life without hesitation. I will do my best to honour and cherish the love you have given me every day, and every night, until our lives come to an end. I love you.”

We kissed amidst cheers and uncooked rice. Linn could have sworn that it was Mulberry who had passed the rice around to the guests, as she could hear him sniggering in the background. But she didn’t care, she was in heaven.

Linn was cutting the cake when she felt a pain shoot through her stomach. Assuming it was Braxton Hicks playing up again, she smiled through it, and had the honour of cutting the first slice. The party didn’t last long after everyone had eaten their bit of cake, because River had to get to work, and Linn decided it would be best to head home and lie down, to wait for the ‘prepatory  contractions’ to pass. She managed to drink some chamomile tea, and have a sleep, until she awoke to “Honey, honey, get up. I think your waters have broken!”

“What? Oh dear, that wasn’t Braxton Hicks? Shoot!” Linn stood up to survey the bed in dismay. It wasn’t totally ruined, but it would need a bit of airing out –

Oof! The worst pain shot up through her stomach again, ten times worse than that afternoon. “River, I think you’d better call a taxi, our little Pluto has decided it doesn’t want to be a planet anymore!”

She was in labour for only a few hours, when her child was brought earth side to cries of “It’s a boy!”

The next morning, Linn, River and little baby Frost  were able to go home.

Welcome to the family, Frost Mauve Van Daemon.


8 responses to this post.

  1. Love the name!! Welcome, little Frost ❤ 😀


  2. Very pretty name, Frost. Pluto would have been awesome too, though! That park is pretty, by the way. Is it in one of the EA made neighborhoods?


    • It isn’t, actually. I tend to avoid the EA neighbourhoods, haha. And I love trying out the custom ones. This is actually Victorian Bay by ruthless_kk on thesims3. I downloaded it forever ago, but she has an updated version now. Psch. I’ll let you in on a secret, they’re going to move soon! =D


    • Forgot to add, lol, Pluto would have been a funny name, should’ve done it but I didn’t think of it. There was a backstory with the name Pluto, which was from when I was pregnant, lmfao.


      • Aww, that’s so cute that you put in a little bit of your own pregnancy in the story. I do that all the time, lots of the themes in my legacy are based on stuff in my life. I think it’s good, cheap therapy. 😛

        And about the neighborhood – I’m the same way, sooo frickin’ tired of those EA ones. I use Riverblossom Falls by kiwi tea, it’s awesome. 🙂

        Are they moving to another custom neighborhood?

      • It makes the story better, I think, if you use your own experiences, because you know more about it.

        I got Barnacle Bay once, to see what it was like. Blegh. And yes, they are. They’re moving to Bear Mountain Bay, if my game behaves itself. From one bay to another! xD I’ve never used Riverblossom Hills, I’m guessing it’s good?

  3. Oh, what a cool name, Frost. Welcome earth-side, little fella! And that gazebo thingy is very cool, too. I’d love to try out cc towns, but they usually slow down my game. 😦


    • Yeah, they do that with my game, too. I tend to get small worlds that only use EA stuff. That and I got Overwatch, which helps the game a lot. I tried another CC town when I realised that my simmies would have to move, and it would just stop, and a minute later start up again. So I immediately deleted it, haha.


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