The end of a Generation

I’m kind of surprised the generation is over already!
Gen 2 is going to have Mulberry as the main, with Linn, River and Frost in the background. =]

Generation One Details

Linnea Rose Van Daemon

Age: 32
Traits: Perfectionist, Natural Cook, Snob, Ambitious, Schmoozer.
Lifetime Wish: Swimming in Cash

River Van Daemon

Age: 35
Traits: Great Kisser, Clumsy, Virtuoso, Athletic, Computer Whiz.
Lifetime Wish: Become a Superstar Athlete.
Relation to Founder: Husband.

 Mulberry Dusk Van Daemon

Age: 16
Traits: Loner, Neurotic, Excitable, Snob.
Lifetime Wish: World Renowned Surgeon.
Relation to Founder: Eldest Son and Heir.

Frost Mauve Van Daemon

Age: 2
Traits: Absent-Minded, Brave.
Lifetime Wish: N/A
Relation to Founder: Youngest Son.

Also, for shits and giggles..



9 responses to this post.

  1. Ahahaha, LOVE the moustache pic, that was pretty unexpected. 😀


  2. LOL on the moustache! River looks so young…aw and Frost has Linn’s hair.


    • Yeah, something weird happened in-game, when I got the teen party opportunity. Linn came back looking like she was Adult, when she’s still YA. ><


  3. Ahahaha, I love the moustache picture. 😀 And yay, I’m all caught up! Loving it. Going to add you to my blog rolls on the Dreams and Splintered Sun. 😀


  4. I only just realised that Mulberry looks like he’s in some sort of pain in this picture, like he’s grating his teeth. Does anyone else see it? Lol.


  5. Lol love the pictures your poses are amazing and your sims are gorgeous


    • Thanks! It actually took a few tries to figure out what poses the boys could do. River kept ending up on his tiptoes because I’d choose the teen pose, and he’d look ridiculous. Thank god for the person who created the Pose Player, huh. Sheesh!


  6. Posted by selahgio on August 17, 2011 at 2:22 pm

    OMG they look like the picture perfect Sims family ^_^ I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must read more


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