Pear Mountain Bay

The last days in Victorian Bay were upon the Van Daemon family. They’d packed up what they were taking with them, and had sent it with the movers on ahead of themselves. Mulberry had insisted on staying behind for a few extra days so that he could attend the Prom, and say goodbye to his friends. It was perfectly timed, when you thought about it.

Mulberry had gotten dressed up in a powder blue outfit, much to his chagrin. His mother had forced him into it, saying that blue really was his colour. It wasn’t, well not powder blue anyway, but he put up with it out of love for Linn. He’d gotten to ride in a Limo to the dance, with some of his friends, drinking fake champagne, and yelling out of the sunroof. At one point, he was dared to stick his butt out of the window and moon everyone they were going past. With no shame, Mulberry stuck his arse out of the window. Thankfully there was nobody to witness the horrific sight, so the story wouldn’t get back to his mother and stepfather.

When he’d gotten inside, he’d gotten his photo taken, which he was to pick up at the end of the night. Walking past the groups of girls, giggling and chatting, he headed straight to the punch. As soon as he picked up a cup, though, a girl approached him. Peach Fuzz. “Care to dance, Mulberry? As it’s your last night and all,” she offered, smiling up at him. They ended up dancing all night, much to the chagrin of his friends, who had planned pranks throughout the night that couldn’t go off without Berry there to lead them.

At the end of the dance, he’d gotten his picture back. He wasn’t voted Prom King, but that didn’t bother him. He’d danced with a pretty girl, hung out with his friends and gotten to have the best Prom a guy could have as a send off.

When Linn saw the picture, she sighed. “I had hoped for a decent pose, Mulberry, not this Saturday Night Fever pose you have going on.” Mulberry scratched his head, “What’s Saturday Night Fever?” “Go to bed, Mulberry, we have to be up at four to leave.” His mother completely ignored his question, and the family bunked down for their last night in Victorian Bay.

It was six when the family arrived at their new home in Pear Mountain Bay. It hadn’t taken long to get there, as it was only the next island over from Victorian Bay, but it was a bigger area. And  the houses were considerably cheaper than at their old town! It helped that his parents had been saving up for at least a year after Frost was born. They’d gotten a call from the real estate agent just before their ferry pulled up to the marina, informing them that there was some damage to the house, as an unexpected meteor had crashed. Thankfully it wasn’t a big meteor, and had only sprinkled some rocks around the place, and left piles of dirt throughout the house. Thankfully, though, the agent had at least managed to fix up the roof and the second story floor. He just hadn’t gotten around to the mess yet.

So, despite the tiredness, Mulberry and River spent the morning cleaning up inside of the house, while Linn walked around, picking up the meteor rocks, wondering if they would be worth anything.

After the house had been cleaned up, Mulberry got assigned Frost duty, as his parents decided they needed a ‘rest’. Rest my arse, Mulberry thought to himself as he fed his little brother some porridge. It seemed like their mothers genes were more dominant than Rivers, which wasn’t something Mulberry had expected. He’d though Frost would have turned out blue like his father, but apparently not. Although his eyes were from their Aunt Kirus, Rivers sister. She was a strange woman.

She’d even sent him a strange looking doll, called Jelly Bean, saying that she’d found her in the consignment store and thought she would make the perfect gift for the toddler. Mulberry was kind of glad that she never really came over. River said that she was a bit kooky.

After Frost was done eating, Berry took him upstairs to play with some of the toys, and he took a look around the house. The first thing he found was his bedroom. It was all his, and even had a desk for his studying, and a bulletin board!

He immediately put up some of his drawings and notes from Victorian Bay. Ever since he’d heard the story about his grandmother having Multiple Myeloma and eventually dying from it, he’d decided he wanted to try and make the world a better place, and become a doctor. So he’d taken to going to the incredibly small library that they’d had and studying up on any medical things he could find.

The next room he looked in was his parents room. They’d gone downstairs after unpacking and ‘resting’, to get some food. The wallpaper was even done in Linn’s favourite colours, and the bed matched. She’d gotten into having eco-friendly things, so their bedroom had recycled furniture, and old candle lamps. Even Frosts cot was made from recycled wood. It looked pretty good, though.

The last room upstairs was full of junk at the moment. Clothes that hadn’t been sorted, Linn’s shoes, pillows and cushions, and some random bits and bobs. It would eventually be turned into Frosts room, once he was old enough to go in his own room, and they had the money to buy him a big boy bed, and some big kid toys.

Mulberry slid down the banister to the downstairs area, whooping as he successfully landed on his feet, and not his arse.

He took a look around at the living area, which was a bit sparse as they didn’t have the money to furnish it more than with the basics. Later, it would probably have a computer desk, and a better television, but for now, it had least had a bookcase and a t.v., despite it being old.

The last room of importance was the kitchen/dining room. Oh my god, that panelling .. And the tiles! It looks like puke! Mulberry knew  that his mother must have run out of money or there would be nice, elegant panelling and no tiles in the kitchen. She was all about looking good, his mum. The oven looked pretty cool, though.

Outside, Linn had placed a fairy at the entrance.  It looked like it was blowing kisses to everyone who walked in, which was something Mulberry thought was cool. He didn’t know where she’d found it, though, and it looked expensive. Maybe that was why they had to put up with the crappy colours in the kitchen/dining area. Because his mother had decided to spend the last of the money on a gumnut fairy. At least it looked cool. If it was crap, Berry would have been irritated at her spending money on it.

It had hit eight or nine in the morning, but Berry was tired. Since he didn’t have school until the next day, and the parentals were up, he could go and nap in his new room. Which is exactly what he did. And he didn’t really miss Victorian Bay at all.

Authors Note:

It was originally Bear Mountain Bay, but I thought I should make it more .. Berry-ish? It can be found {here}, if you wish to check it out. =]
Sorry it isn’t a very interesting chapter, and that there’s one photo in total from the Prom. I wasn’t expecting it when he drove off all of a sudden so I missed the limo photo. Bleh. I do have a plan for our Mulberry, it’s just that I had to get this out of the way first! Thanks to Emy for talking about it with me. =P


7 responses to this post.

  1. Ooh, new house! It looks nice and spacious from what we’ve seen so far, but I look forward to seeing it being filled with more stuff! 🙂

    Mulberry is fun. Isn’t he fun? I’m glad he wants to be a doctor, I think it will suit him.

    And the new neighborhood is just super pretty ( looked at the pictures where it can be downloaded), good pick! Can’t wait to see more of it!


  2. Posted by kirinokisu on August 4, 2011 at 10:30 pm

    Haha, not only is Mulberry cute, he’s also funny. I adore him. Is it possible to download him somewhere? Oh, and Linn as well 🙂


    • Everyone thinks Mulberry is funny. Why am I not seeing it, when he’s my Sim? I reread it and I’m going “yup, sounds like mulberry. where is the hilarity?” Maybe it’s just because I’m used to it, lol.

      If you like, I can put him up as a .sim on my account? And then tell you what CC he has and from where. And Linn, if you like, although she looks stupid to me now. Silly EA made her age without aging. Who comes back from a holiday with wrinkles? Psch. Just lemme know. =]


      • Posted by kirinokisu on August 5, 2011 at 1:30 am

        He behaves funnily :)) But that’s what makes him so utterly adorable. You see him every time you play so for you it’s a typical behavior. For us, it’s total hilarity XD
        If it’s not too much trouble… I really want to have them both in my game. Besides, they have some veeeery pretty genes!
        Lol, Linn’s a special case! But I agree, EA is silly.

  3. I want them too! So you should definitely upload them. And about Linn, don’t you have an older save that you can copy her from, from before the holiday wrinkles? I find it very useful to keep older saves. I’ve got about eighty just for the Sterling family, though, so it’s probably time to do some cleaning. xD


  4. I don’t have an older save, I’m afraid, but I can just cheat since technically she doesn’t turn into an adult for like .. five days, I can edit in CAS, make her a YA, save the household, and then in five days, make her have her birthday cake. -shrug- I’ll still save Mulberry and Linn as .sims as well. I’ll make up a page for them.


  5. Hahaha. Mulberry made me giggle with his mooning. XD XD Haha. Such a boy.

    I liked this chapter, even though it was a bit of a filler. The new house is really nice. ^^


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