Cloud Nine

“Isn’t the moon gorgeous tonight?”

“Yeah, it sure is. But I know something that’s more gorgeous..”


His hand crept over to rest upon hers, and a warm fizzy feeling flowed up through his hand, making him warm and content. So this must be what love is..

They’d met in the easiest circumstances. She was Frosts babysitter while their parents were away at work, because there were days when Mulberry had his clubs after school, or work at the bookstore.
But there was one day, when he came home early, and there she was. And she was beautiful.From that moment, she stayed back a little later each day in the hopes of running into him, and he tried getting home early in hopes of seeing her. He even started dressing nicer, and slicking his hair out of his face, to impress her. They began to talk more and more, and he found out that the reason he never saw her in school was because she was home-schooled, which was also why she could babysit at different hours to what normal teenagers could, or would.

At some point during their growing friendship, Berry had taken to getting off of the bus early so that he could pick flowers for her from other peoples gardens.

She loved it, as any girl would, and was obviously falling for him.

While Mulberry was off on cloud nine, life continued on.

He went on field trips around the town, and once even went to the cemetery, although he still didn’t know the reason behind it. It wasn’t like they learned anything, they just explored the old mausoleum and the tombs in there. The teacher didn’t even discuss the cadavers with them, about decay, or even how the Sims had passed on. He found it fascinating to imagine though, which was slightly morbid of him, but the Sim body amazed him with what it could do and survive through.

Frost was growing every day. He was learning to use the potty, the same one that Mulberry had used all those years ago. He wasn’t very fond of it, though, as he kept thinking it wanted to eat him. But while his friend Jelly Bean was there to watch over him, he knew he was safe.

Their mother had taken to reading books to him whenever she had time off work and he was awake. It seemed she wanted to make up for what Mulberry had never had as a toddler, which was fine by her eldest son, it wasn’t as though he didn’t understand. Or, really notice or care. Berry was, after all, a teenage boy.

Linn had started teaching Frost to walk as well, as she didn’t work as many hours as River did, now that he had his own team to manage, and games to attend.

Not that she minded, but she could see age slowly creeping up on her. Lines had started appearing where they hadn’t been once, and she worried about getting older. She still wanted her little baby girl, and time was running out.

“Mully?” Her voice trailed across the short distance to his ear, softly, lyrically.

“Yeah?” A shadow passed behind the living room curtains, and the teens lowered their voices, so the adults couldn’t hear their conversation.

“…Are we boyfriend and girlfriend? My friends have been asking me, and I don’t know what to tell them,” she whispered into his ear, smiling as she asked.

 Mulberry spluttered. Wasn’t he supposed to ask her that question? And .. y’know, be all romantic about it? Jeeze!

“Well, I – I guess we are. I mean, do you want to be my girlfriend?”

A giggle escaped her lips, “Of course I do, silly!”

The two giggled amongst themselves, staring at the stars twinkling in the night sky.


7 responses to this post.

  1. It started off nice, it ended nice, but the middle is mush. Sorry, guys. I just pushed to get a chapter out tonight, and this is what happened. I’m sure in the morning I’ll want to edit it, but I won’t.

    Hope it’s okay, though. =]


  2. I laughed at the potty wanting to eat Frost. Bless him. XD XD

    Mulberry is really cute with his girlfriend. ❤ ❤ Love him. ^_^


  3. Mulberry and his girlfriend (I can’t find her name!) are SO adorable together. She’s making me like him a little more, actually. And I hope Linnea gets her baby girl!


    • Her name is Danica Crowe, but I didn’t remember it when I wrote the chapter, and was in CAS in a different town at the time of writing it, making Simselves into Berry Sims. lol.


  4. D’aww, Mulberry is adorable! I want to squish him ❤

    But you know what he really needs?

    A special SIMPENIS =D /revenge 😛


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