In case anybody is interested.
My name is Nadia, I’m a twenty-three year old girl from Australia, who likes to play the Sims 3. Obviously.
I have a one year old daughter, named Shenavyre, who loves computers. Although she apparently likes to lick them, and smash the keyboard than anything else.
Erm. I do try to write often, but there may be times when I don’t get to, because Shen and real life do come first.  But I will post to tell you what’s going on, if a chapter will be late.
Ohhh. And I love Maui. Haha. I want to see if she notices this. XD

Story-wise, this is a Rainbowcy. I’m not counting points, or really doing anything fancy. The names will go in alphabetical order. So, Linn is the Founder, so her first child will start with M, next is N, so on.
I’m not starting on a Legacy lot, my family will move as they feel the need to, or can afford to. The heirs will all have the Snob trait. I know, it isn’t overly interesting but it makes sense considering the name of the Legacy.

Colour scheme will be as follows:

Founder/Gen 1 – Turquoise
Gen 2 – Blue
Gen 3 –  Purple
Gen 4 – Pink
Gen 5 – Red
Gen 6 – Brown
Gen 7 – Orange
Gen 8 – Peach
Gen 9 – Yellow
Gen 10 – Green

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you enjoy my Rainbowcy. This will probably be the first and only family I’ll get to 10 Generations. Wish me luck!



2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Nadz, checking out your blog. I love rainbowcies! I really live your approach not to go the “traditional” white to purple scheme.
    So good luck and most importantly have fun with your family.

    Big LOL on your daughter trying to munch on computers. Isn’t that so Sim like…


    • Posted by nadzicle on June 2, 2011 at 2:45 pm

      Haha. Having the ‘Vanilla’ or white sims bores me. Plus, they start out the same.
      So-and-so left home, something about family liking white or the town being white, and so-and-so wants COLOUR. That’s fine for them, not so for me. I love having colourful Sims. =]
      Thanks for checking out my blog. And yeah, Shen eating the computer makes me think of those glitches you used to get in the Sims 2, like the plate sticking to their hand, or whatever. Broken. Haha.


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