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This is where you come to find any CC I may have used in my chapters.
I’ll start it off by linking to the main things I use.

Skins, Eyes, and Makeup.

My colorful skintones come from Fawkes {here}. It says it’s outdated, but that’s just with the LN sliders, it still works fine.
Also, I have these skintones by LFB. {here} They’re also colorful skintones.
My default skins are all by LadyFrontBum.

Main Blushes that I use are also by LFB (Can you tell I have a favourite?) {here}
The eyes I use are defaults, by Shady on MTS {here}. I use the multicolour eyes.
Eyeliner also comes from MTS, by Emmzx {here}. I’ve tried other eyeliners but these are my absolute fave.
My lipstick/glosses usually come from Lemonleafs site, but I don’t know specifics. You can take a look {here} though.

– I don’t use eyeshadow generally, so I think that’s all from there.


Most of my hairs come from Anubis360 {here} and {here}.
They also come from Lotus’ Livejournal {here}. I get my childrens hair, and most Newsea hair from here, as Anubis doesn’t include meshes.
Oh! Almost forgot, sometimes I get hair from Shyne’s site. {here}. Forgot to add it above, but I also get some of my eyebrows from here.

Other eyebrows come from Subaxi, who is now Watermelon, I think? I’m not certain if they put up the stuff from the old site, but you’ll just have to take a gander {here}


The majority of my clothes are from either MTS {here}, Skysims {here}, or the Sims Store. You don’t need a link for that, as I’m sure you know how to get there. 😛


My god, that took awhile! I’m so sick of that word now. Haha. If you want specific hair or clothes, just ask me and I’ll find it for you.










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