This is my Updates page. I’ll try to keep everyone posted on what’s going on, so they can not be disappointed if a new chapter doesn’t come out on a regular basis. Thanks!

21/07/11 – Someone, please, stab me in the eyes with something sharp. It’s hilarious that almost every time I’m remembering to update the updates page, I’m babysitting. >_> Which yes, I am doing again. While I’m sick. Can I just say I hate childcare? Kid comes home sick and passes it to everyone in the house. Blehhhh. New chapter soonish. Got the pictures, just gotta put them in order. =]


Managed to get a new chapter out, even though it took me much longer than it should have. Oops. Gotta love babysitting, you really get no time to yourself. Going to try and post again in a few days. Fingers crossed!


Trying to get a new chapter out. It’s not as though I have that much going on IRL, but I have been having to babysit for my housemate a lot, and just getting distracted in general. Should be another up in the next few days, just have to motivate myself. =]


So, I’m fairly certain I’m going to shoot someone. I wrote most of one chapter, decided it was bogus and began to write one that I really liked, only to have my webpage crash on me, and discover that WordPress had only saved a draft of the first version. So irritated right now. If I get out of this mood, I shall attempt to write the chapter again, although I doubt it will be quite as good as the one I had all done up. Ah well. =]


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  1. I use Windows Live Writer… that way I can write a chapter and only send it to WordPress after I’m happy with it.


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